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Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Exposure monitoring of air borne contaminants like dust (respirable/inhalable/total), fibers (including asbestos), solvent vapors, welding fumes, aerosols etc.
Heat Stress Cold Stress Monitoring

Heat Stress Monitoring

Heat stress monitoring service evaluate workplace temperature zoning, personal heat exposure with consideration of activity load, environmental factors and clothing factors.
Noise Vibration Study

Noise Vibration Study

Noise Measurement Services provide assessment, management and control of workplace noise. Vibration Monitoring Service provide measurement of Hand Arm Vibration & Full Body Vibration.
Ventilation Study

Ventilation Study

Industrial ventilation system design; fugitive dust control; emission modeling. Service includes evaluation of effectiveness of industrial ventilation systems.
Ergonomic Study

Ergonomic Study

Evaluation of interaction between employee and its activity to eliminate/reduce potential ergonomic issues.

Biological Exposure Monitoring

Our services will identify potential biological agents at workplace like legionella, fungi etc.
Risk Assessment Qualitative Quantitative

Risk Assessment: Qualitative & Quantitative

Basic support to site to identify risk using qualitative & quantitative methods includes QuRA, HAZOP, FTA, ETA, PHA etc.
PPE Selection Effectiveness

PPE Selection Effectiveness

Process study, Hazard Identification, Selection of personal protective equipment based on risk level, user acceptance & company policy.
SustainableEHS Program SEP

SustainableEHS Program SEP*

Consulting and services for Corporate Sustainable HSE Program development.

Who We Are

HSE professionals who are dedicated to workplace improvement and sustain HSE culture by delivering quality performance.

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